Birzman tubeless repair kit, dekkplugger

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Birzman tubeless repair kit, dekkplugger
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Smart reparasjonskit for slangeløse dekk. Settet har form som en CO2-patron, og kan festes i de fleste CO2-pumpeholdere.



A tubeless puncture repair kit in the shape of a CO2 cartridge (including threads) with enhanced portability. The contents include an insertion tool and a cleaning file hybrid, plus 5 pcs Ø3.5 x 50mm tire plugs. The insertion tool / cleaning file is attached at the top, and the cartridge body then becomes a handle, with the rounded end providing a comfortable grip. Because the Repair Kit looks exactly like a CO2 cartridge, including the threads, it can be carried anywhere you would usually carry a CO2 cartridge. Assemble in place of a standard cartridge for a puncture repair and CO2 inflation solution; the thread also carries a CO2 valve head in transit.

  • Material: CNC machined aluminium / Stainless steel
  • Size: Ø23 x 87.5mm
  • Weight: 44g
  • Includes: 5 pcs Ø3.5 x 50mm tire plugs

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