Manitou Circus Expert 100 White

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Manitou Circus Expert 100 White
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Manitou Circus Expert Forks, 100mm 26''



Do you remember first grade when the Circus came to town and you attended it as a field trip? There was always some excitement until the clowns came up into the audience and you freaked out. Well get your freak on kids, because here comes the Circus!

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Weight Lb / grams 4.29 / 1946 (20mm)
Travel 80, 100, 130
Spring ACT Air
Spring Rate Firm
Bottom Out Dual Bottom-Outs (1 / Leg)
Steerer 1 1/8" Aluminum
1.5" Taper
Crown Forged I-Beam Crown
Crown Finish Color Matched
Offset 41.27
Compression Damping Absolute+ w/ Jump Stack
Rebound Damping Adjustable TPC
Adjustments Air
Compression to Lockout
Leg Diameter 32mm
Leg Material 7050 Straight Wall Aluminum
Wheel Size 26"
Brake Post Mount
Axle 20mm Hex TA
Crown to Axle 458 / 478 / 508
Colors Black, White