Pedal Exustar EPR2 White Road

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Pedal Exustar EPR2 White Road
Pedal Exustar EPR2-WH Road


A pedal built with quality materials. I t features a strong, thermoplastic body, and a Cr-Mo axle on a slimline dual bearing system. A gauge makes precise binding tension adjustment easy.

Interface EPS-R (Look Keo-style)
Body Full contact, engineering thermoplastic.
Axle Heat-treated, CNC-machined Cr-Mo (cartridge).
Bearings LSL bushing & sealed.
Binding Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic, enclosed mechanism, tension adjustable with gauge.
Cleats E-ARCR2
Size 86 x 89 mm
Compatible with Exustar road shoes, other three bolt hole shoes.
Weight  266 g/pr