Pedal Exustar PM820

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Pedal Exustar PM820
Pedal Exustar PM820. Den har klikkpedal på ene siden og vanlig pedal på andre siden


Clip-in Pedals (Double-sided binding)
Low profile pedal with a Cr-Mo axle, anti-slip grip pins and a slimline dual bearing mechanism.

Interface EPS-M (Shimano SPD-style)
Body ED black aluminum, ED black, replaceable grip pins.
Axle Heat-treated, CNC-machined Cr-Mo.
Bearings LSL bushing, & sealed.
Binding Double-sided Cr-Mo, adjustable tension.
Cleats E-C05F
Size 109 x 105mm
Compatible with Exustar two bolt shoes, other two bolt hole shoes.
Weight 556 g/pr