Sadelveske sort str M M-Wave Clip on

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Sadelveske sort str M M-Wave Clip on
kr 249

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A saddle bag should not be missed on any bicycle tour. No matter whether stowing a spare tube or a little saving, if necessary, it can be a great help. Besides already being equipped with a generously pack size, a zip system allows to expand the volume extremely. Thanks to the clip-on holder, the M-WAVE TILBURG M saddle bag can effortlessly and without the help of any tools be clipped on and off the saddle when mounting the holder beforehand.

Speaking of holders: the saddle bag is primed for attaching a rear light.

  • made of polyester
  • seat frame clamps with clip-on bracket and zipper
  • with reflective stripes
  • water protection
  • fixing loop for rear light
  • through zipper expandable