Syntace F149 100mm Black

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Syntace F149 100mm Black
kr 999

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Syntace F149 100mm Black


Length 100 mm 
Steerer clamp Ø 28.6 mm (1 1/8")
Handlebar clamp Ø 31.8 mm
Angle 6° FlipFlop

For Road and MTB use
Unmatched combination
of new, high-strength and forgeable aluminium alloy and real 3D forging. The result: A light stem in 31.8, which is still totally bombproof and as stiff as heavier stems. Also suitable for aero bars.

Special 200° head
makes the best “bed” for your handlebar, by reducing bar flex. You’ll get increased handlebar strength and fatigue life, at minimal weight.

VR-3 “The Red Monster” tested
by the world’s toughest test standard for handlebars and stems. Period.