Syntace Racelite CDR Carbon XL 460mm

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Syntace Racelite CDR Carbon XL 460mm
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The ingenious Syntace ergonomics with compact drop and reach. Now you can get the Racelite2 with reduced drop and reach - ideal for more comfort and for shorter riders! The reduced reach makes a more compact position possible and makes reaching the brake levers easier. Through the reduced drop it is easier to ride in the drops.



Material  Carbon
 Weights 219 g (XL)  
(from outside to outside)
460 mm (XL)
Drop 133 mm (XL)
 Reach 88 mm (XL)  
 Clamp Ø 31.8 mm  
Clamping Width 90 mm (for stem and aerobar)
 Color Raceblack