Syntace X-Fix 4/5mm

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Syntace X-Fix 4/5mm
The Syntace X-FIX key (int. pat. pend) is the perfect addition to the Syntace X-12 through-axle system. It doesn’t matter where and when you need it, the Syntace X-FIX key is always there. Whether you are assembling or removing an X-12 rear wheel quicker than with conventional “quick” releases, fine adjusting the seat or stem angle, moving controls or adjusting the brake calliper. And what a bonus: No additional weight when compared to standard QR’s which are attached to the axle.


Weight  32 g
Allen key 5 mm & 4 mm Torx
(24.8 g + 7.2 g)
 Key length 94 mm  
Version 5 mm and 4 mm hex key
Size 94 x 42 x 18 mm  
 Material Chrom tooling steel, Delrin  
Color black/silver